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Has Your Business Taken Over Your Life and Creates the Rules?

Trading Time for Dollars is No Way to Live – Narrowing Your Focus, Building Your Authority and Creating an Evergreen Funnel Could Transform You into an Industry Leader!

My Mission is to Help Coaches, Course Creators, and Consultants Build Their Personal Brands and Optimize Their Digital Sales Funnels

You’re In the Right Place If… 

  • You Want to Transform Your Business for Growth Through Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies
  • You Want to Build Your Authority to Stand Out from the Crowd
  • You Want to Stop Trading Time for Dollars and Build an Evergreen Funnel

    If you’re struggling to find success in your business and want to learn how to create a personal brand and optimize your digital sales funnel, I can help. 

    Specializing in conversion rate optimization strategies and with over 25 years of marketing experience, I can provide the tactical expertise and knowledge you need to take your business to the next level by establishing your authority and creating a funnel that grows your income on autopilot.

    Hi, I’m Jeffrey.

    I had the world at my fingertips with building funnels and reaching 7-figures cumulatively under my belt. 

    But then 2020 rolled around and changed everything – leaving me questioning where to go next in life.

    After 25 years as an entrepreneur mastering multiple trades left me feeling lost; unable to focus on one project or area in which I could truly excel. 

    It wasn’t until interviewing digital ad agencies that I found my new path. Frustrated and fed up with the vague answers I was getting from these agencies on how to leverage cold traffic, I decided to take matters into my own hands. 

    After a long search, I discovered a more efficient approach to marketing for growing faster, cheaper and smarter – one created by engineers!

    Over 18 months of rigorous training, I became certified as a conversion rate optimization specialist and was hand selected as one of the few chosen to become a MintCRO expert coach.

    Are You Struggling to Convert Traffic into Conversions?

    Struggle and confusion should not be the norm! Instead of wasting money on strategies that don’t deliver, why not take a better approach? 

    There is a simpler and more rewarding path available – one I can assist you in discovering. 

    If you are a coach, course creator, or consultant with more than $10,000 in recurring monthly revenue and want to optimize your funnel so you can scale faster and bigger then contact me here

    If you’re not achieving at least $10,000 in recurring revenue monthly yet and want to grow your business through conversion rate optimization, go to