12 Elements of a Powerful Online Ad Headline

12 Elements of a Powerful Online Ad Headline

12 Elements of a Powerful Online Ad Headline

Headlines are the hook in an ad just like titles are the hook for articles. If the hook’s set right, the reader’s not going anywhere without hearing you out.

In the age of online marketing and endless talk about PPC, Craigslist, Facebook Ads, or Twitter Lead Cards, it’s time I did a blog post about writing powerful ad headlines.

Since many of the folks are coaches, speakers, and freelance professionals, like you, and how they pour their heart and soul into giving individual services to their clients, every cent they spend on promoting their services is very important to me.

I do what I can to put my knowledge to their use and benefit.

Today, I want to show you the 12 crucial elements of a powerful headline for your ads so you get higher CTR and hopefully more conversions.

1. Keyword. Keyword.

Keyword. I said it thrice because three time’s the charm.

No. I said it because people keep missing this no-brainer. Add the keyword you want your ad associated to in your headline.

2. Add a Number

Empirical information always gives a feel of authority. Add a number to your headline will make your ad look more authentic. Instead of saying “Get Big Discount,” try “Get 20% Off!”

Which one appeals more to you?

3. Solve a Problem

This is a principle we use for all kinds of copy.

Whether it’s an article, a landing page, meta description of your blog post, or your ad copy, highlight a problem your reader will relate to and show you can solve that problem.

4. Highlight USPs

Your unique selling points help you use stand out from competition. Include a USP in your advert headline to appeal to your prospects.

5. Avoid Jargon

There’s no need to put it industry-specific vocabulary to impress your audience.

That will actually only confuse them. Stick to simple language.

6. Be Funny

A little humor never hurts. It gives the impression of openness and confidence.

Of course, make sure it’s polite and clever but never rude or vulgar.

7. Use All Characters

Almost all online advertisement publishers have a character limit for the ad’s body as well as the headline.

While you have to stick to the rule, make sure you use every available character.

8. Pose a Question

Throw a question at your audience. Questions catch attention and urge the reader to find the answer, which they will expect in your ad, don’t you agree? : P


Dynamic keyword insertion is a smart technique, but you can only use it with certain publishers, like Google AdWords.

10. Make a Promise

And deliver. False promises are a big no-no. You have to be crystal clear with what you’ll deliver.

It’s a trust thing.

11. Make It a Quote

Use a compliment one of your happy clients gave you recently.

Be careful, though. You can only use something that’s short, spot-on, and sounds smart.

12. Scare ‘Em a Little

Use your audience’s fear. Show them they’ll lose something important if they don’t buy your service.

Of course, you can’t use all of these together in every single headline you make. It’s about knowing everything that works and then make smart combinations. You won’t always be making the same kind of ad or promoting the same bit of your offerings.

So, why not make combos of these elements for each kind of the ads you think you’ll be making?

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12 Elements of a Powerful Online Ad Headline

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