3 Reasons Why You Should Make a Profile for Your Ideal Customer

3 Reasons Why You Should Make a Profile for Your Ideal Customer

There’s only one thing I’ll be talking to you about today.

The ideal customer.

Whether you’re a starting out coach or a speaker with a few years of work under your belt, you can boost business and find quality engagements once you start to utilize an ideal customer profile.

Have you put any thought into it? Knowing the right customers to attract could make the difference between a failing professional who’s not sure what they’re doing wrong and an industry leader who thinks they just got lucky.

And let me tell you exactly why this is the most important subject for you today. In fact, let me give you three reasons why this should be the next step you take for the sake of your success.

  1. Either You Choose or They Will

Let me tell you something loud and clear. No business deal is a mutual choice.

Not in the beginning.

One of the two parties makes the choice and then they make the other party agree. As a speaker or personal coach, this becomes an incredibly important matter. If you don’t choose the right events to give a talk or the right celebrity to coach, you can’t take offense when customers you hate show up at your doorstep and ask for your services.

What hurts me more is the realization that you won’t be able to say no to all these wrong customers just because you need their money.

And all of that goes down to the simple fact that you didn’t think about the right customers.

  1. Solve the Right Problems

This one is more a problem of communication.

Without knowing who your ideal customer is you can’t expect yourself to be solving the right problems. The right problems for you are the problems of your ideal customers, who are ideal for you because they align completely with your offerings.

When you don’t have an ideal customer profile, and random customers keep you engaged, you’re solving the wrong problems.

This reflects on your brand poorly in a number of ways. So, solve the right problems and use your potential in the right direction.

  1. Your Chance to Shine

Your ideal customers give you the chance you need to shine. Since an ideal customer is one whose needs are in sync with the sum of your abilities and skills, they’re in the greatest need of your help. When you meet somebody with a problem you’re the perfect person to solve, what do you think will happen? They’ll fall in love with you for doing such a great job of solving their problem.

Your ideal customers will make you shine. Don’t pass up on them by ignoring to make an ideal customer profile.

When you’re able to find – and work with – your ideal customers, you can expect they’ll want to stick with you. But, before that happens, you need to profile them.

Get on with it now.

3 Reasons Why You Should Make a Profile for Your Ideal Customer

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