4 Reasons Why Freelancers should Start Building Their Online Brand Today

4 Reasons Why Freelancers should Start Building Their Online Brand Today

I get to say this one thing every day. At least once.

And I don’t say it to the mirror. A lot of freelance professionals – coaches, trainers, speakers, you name it – still seem to think they can be successful without using the digital realm. If you bring up having a website, they laugh. You suggest social media and they tell you exactly how bad Twitter is for human intelligence.

The problem with these people is not that they don’t see digital marketing and online brands are doing wonders for the world. It’s that they just don’t want to lose an argument.

It’s hard to deliver the message when nobody answers the door.

Except you can write it on a piece of paper and shove it under the door.

Your job’s done. It’s on them now.

And so I decided to write this blog post and give these people four compelling reasons to start building their online brand today.

1. It’s Going to Get Crowded

It really is about to get crowded in the freelance arena. In fact, it’s already getting to a point where it’ll be hard to ignore every opportunity you can find to sell your brand.

Statistics tell us every third professional in America today is a freelancer. That’s right. Every third person. And that’s not all.

This number will rise in the next ten years to an equal ratio of people employed by others and freelancers. In other words, for every person working for an employer in America, there will be a professional freelance contractor.

Add that to the resourcefulness and reach of the digital media and you’ll see why it’s crucial the first order of business you attend to today is to work on establishing your brand online.

2. Adapt to Entrepreneurship

Or adopt it. Whatever you do, just start thinking like an entrepreneur. 2012 Freelance Industry Report said people who think like entrepreneurs attract more clients and sales.

Here’s the difference between those who have think like entrepreneurs and those who don’t. If you think of your business brand as your identity in the professional world, you think like an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs present themselves as business opportunities, and online branding is the first step to making your image look like that of a business.

People invest in your image, your brand, your story.

Make one.

3. Give the Right Impression

When you make a website, create your social media pages, puff up that LinkedIn profile, and write your blog, you’re making yourself look like a serious person.

You’re giving the impression that you’re in the game for the long haul. When people see all that activity on your online brand, they feel they can trust you. They know you’re a serious player and you’ll give them the value they expect for their money.

4. Kick Your Value up Two Notches

Don’t you think that’s a good idea? I mean I don’t even need you to answer that one.

The thing is when you build your online brand, that image you give shows you have value that appeals to people.

Do it all the way. Make a great emailing list. Write wow copy in your newsletter. Make killer videos.

And as the value you offer increases, you can ask for twice the price you charge now.

Don’t wait for having an online brand to become an absolute necessity. Beat the competition today. Get ahead of the curve.

4 Reasons Why Freelancers should Start Building Their Online Brand Today

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