5 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Tell the World Their Story

5 Reasons Why Every Entreprenuer Should Tell The World Their Story

5 Reasons Why Every Entreprenuer Should Tell The World Their Story

While working with entrepreneurs, I get to see a lot of common problems that most of them think are unique to their start-up.

One such problem is sharing their story with their audience.

For reasons that include looking larger than life and making a great impression on the prospects, they tend to hide away the truth.

It’s understandable why they’d think so, but they do it at a high opportunity cost.

This is why I decided to write this post and share 5 reasons why every entrepreneur should own their story and tell it to the world.

From what I’ve learned, it only makes you more attractive to your audience.

  1. Let Them See You

When you tell the world how and why you became an entrepreneur, you’re showing them the very essence of what makes you the person you are.

It shows your audience you not only have the confidence to accept who you are but also the courage to bring it out to the world and use it to change lives.

That, by the way, is….

The essence of the entrepreneurial spirit.

You find an idea the world needs, you take initiative, and you build it to bring about change.

  1. Your Story’s Your Brand

Yes, it is.

The reason you became an entrepreneur and how you achieved it is part of your brand and identity.

People will know you from it. They will associate the story with you and recognize you with it.

Without the story, you’re taking away a big chunk of your brand, which can’t be wise on any planet.

  1. Inspire the World

Your origin story as an entrepreneur can inspire others.

It can show many people among your audience they can follow in your footsteps, making them your loyal readers and subscribers.

Not only that, they’ll share your story in their circles.

I often tell entrepreneurs to realize the worth of their story.

Your story is worth a million dollars, if you know how to tell it, because that story tells us why you made the biggest decision of your life.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Omi Minami”]It’s not every day you get to do what you love and have a major story behind it.[/pullquote]

  1. Build Your Team

Your story is a necessary part of people’s reason to believe in you, whether they’re your investors, your clients, or your employees.

In this time and age, people want to be a part of something good.

They want to help the world.

If you became an entrepreneur with a worthy cause, you’re more likely to hire the talent you want on your terms.

  1. Become a Hero

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”George R.R. Martin”]We’re all the heroes of our own stories.[/pullquote]

That’s what telling your own story does.

You tell it with your perspective and that’s what makes all the difference in how people see you.

That’s an extraordinary weapon for an entrepreneur.

If you tell your story right, you’ll make a hero of yourself in the eyes of your audience.

Just these five reasons should be enough to show you what telling your story can do to help you with your entrepreneurial ventures.

If you’re not sure, go ahead and read these incredible origin stories of entrepreneurs that Forbes collected.

Trust me when I say your story’s worth sharing.

Tell it to the world : )

Do you agree or disagree with my list? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.


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5 Reasons Why Every Entreprenuer Should Tell The World Their Story

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