5 Things Consultants MUST Do while Building Their Brand Online

5 Things Consultants MUST Do while Building Their Brand Online

Every freelance consultant is a one-man army. All the tasks for which companies have teams, a freelance consultant will do them alone. This resilience is marvelous, but it often goes to waste because many consultants fail to see the importance of building their brand online.

While I’ve already discussed why building your online brand will be the best step you can take for your freelance practice, today I want to talk about those five things you simply cannot ignore if you’re going to build your brand online and want it to be a success.

So, let’s get to it.

  1. Write Your Story

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Sharing your story with the world is the hallmark of a great brand.

However, before you can tell it, you have to write it. You need to write that story in a way that highlights the skills you want to be remembered for. While you’re at it, you must make sure you bring out the elements that make you unique from other consultants.

Write down that story. Write it with every painful detail, then in a page, and then in a two-sentence summary. Memorize it all.

  1. Anchor with a Web Domain

So you’re great at what you do and your service is just outstanding. So what? It doesn’t matter if you don’t open shop in the big digital marketplace.

Get a website domain, preferably with your own name but a business name will also work.

This is your home on the web. You’ll be bringing everybody who wants to visit you online here. So, make it presentable, invest a little in good design and great content, and it’ll make the guests love you.

  1. Feed the Feeds

The next step for you is the social media.

While it’s a scary prospect because it means constantly staying in touch with people, answering questions, and writing endless posts and tweets, it’s simply a MUST for you. If you’re too lazy to respond to people taking interest in your services, I don’t know why you’re calling yourself a professional at all.

Remember to study the various social platforms and take your pick. I won’t ask you to overwhelm yourself.

  1. Use Established Content Markets

Great web presence comes from great content. You’ll need to create a lot of it if you want to grow your online brand fast.

Apart from keeping a blog on your new website, get more traffic to your website and social media profiles by publishing content on famous websites that allow guest content.

That way you’ll tap into streams of online prospects who are already interested in the kind of services you offer.

  1. Bring Your Offline Clients On Board

You can cash out the love your past clients have for you. In fact, you need to do that.

Talk to the clients who were happy with your services and ask them to write a testimonial for your online presence.

They can write you a paragraph, wish you well, or better yet, make a short video with their good luck message.

Again, these are crucial steps you need to take to build your online brand. Take care of this and I promise you won’t have to worry about looking for clients again.

Thank me later.

5 Things Consultants MUST Do while Building Their Brand Online

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