6 Point Checklist to Get Started with Facebook Advertising

6 Point Checklist to Get Started with Facebook Advertising

Social networks these days have smart advertising tools in place, and why wouldn’t they? Service providers and marketers have long since recognized the advertising potential of social media and are already spending billions of dollars on it every year.

Facebook has led other social platforms in advertising revenue and market share for years. In 2015, Facebook was estimated to hit over 65% of the global social advertising market.

So, when you decide to finally use social advertising, choose Facebook as your starting point because:

  • It has the most, and the best, campaign features.
  • It provides with great insightful data to guide your ad campaigns.
  • It has the largest global audience you’ll find on any social network.

And here’s the ultimate checklist to get you going with your first Facebook ad campaign. Do not get started without making sure you have prepared for the task using these critical pointers.

1. Do You Know Your USPs?

Unique selling points are those features or value propositions of your product, or service, that make it stand out in competition. So, before you start your ad campaign, make your product/service unique.

This is how you do it:

  • Research your competition and their product features.
  • Make a short list of things you can offer but they don’t.
  • Highlight these offerings as unique features in your ad campaign.

2. Do You have the Right Images to Go with Your Ad?

Here’s why you need an image to go with your ad. When images are included in information, people remember 65% of the content three days later when they don’t recall text-only information after the same period.

So, make sure you find the perfect image(s) to go with your ad.

3. Do You have the Perfect Headline Ready?

Headlines are the hook for your ad. People won’t find out how cool your ad reads if the headline is unattractive because they won’t go beyond that. On the other hand, a good ad is more likely to get you results if the hook works.

So, make a great headline for your ad.

4. Is Your Ad Draft Ready to Go?

Draft the ad a number of times. Try to make it appeal more by:

  • Using simple language
  • Making sure your words are clear
  • Proofreading

And don’t forget to add those USPs.

5. Have You Segmented the Ad Properly?

Among those great features I mentioned in the beginning, Facebook Ads allows you to set parameters for your target audience, using users’ profile features, such as age, gender, country, interests, etc.

Don’t start an ad campaign without fixing your target audience.

6. Do You Know Your Campaign Budget?

That’s obviously something you already thought of. I hope.

Facebook allows you to decide how much you want to spend on the ad per day. Make a note you might be asked to pay some upfront money for the campaign. Read more about other important settings in your campaign budget here.

If you ticked off on all of these pointers, you’re ready to go with your Facebook ad campaign.

Do that. Get going. Why are you still here?

6 Point Checklist to Get Started with Facebook Advertising

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