6 Things to Know While You Plan Your Marketing Strategy

6 Things to Know While You Plan Your Marketing Strategy

I should’ve added ‘no-brainers’ instead of ‘things’ in that title. Because these six things are actually very obvious.

The thing is, when people are working on strategy, it gets very easy to get distracted in any one of two factors that affect it. We go through the planning stage just too fast.

And that’s why I decide to make this nice little list for all of you who are new to marketing strategy or have been struggling with it.

Here are the six no-brainers each of us should thoroughly consider in the planning phase of our marketing strategies.

1. Goal

Yeah, I said they’ll be seemingly obvious things, but read on.

And here’s what you just thought of when you read that caption: That’s easy. I want to make money and land clients. What else could it be?

The thing is, with marketing, and all of its many heads, you’ll need to be much more specific with every strategy you work on.

Focus on the specifics. Ask yourself questions. What do you exactly want from this strategy? Why are you doing it exactly? What’s that ultimate motive?

2. Audience

So you know your goal, right? Now, start thinking about who are the people that can fulfill that goal for you. What do they look like? How do they behave about the things your offerings relate to? How old are they? Should they all be males? Or females? What kind of work they do? Et cetera.

Get these answers and ask yourself more questions. Look for the answers on social media and the Internet. You must know your audience extremely well to succeed.

3. Competition

Just like knowing your audience is extremely important, understanding your competitors is the right way to go on branding your strategy and business. Knowing your competition helps you in two key ways:

(1) You can make note of the resources and strategies they are using to meet the goals you’ve set for your current strategy and business (that way you can learn from them and use the same tactics).

(2) Find USPs to promote your strategy and business successfully and make them stand out.

4. Media and Message

We now have both old and traditional means of delivering message to our prospects as well as the digital realm. Each of them has a number of options that you can use.

Understanding these options is very important. Study each in detail (even though you may think you already understand them). Work out which ones best suit your current needs. Use them.

And know what to say. Exactly.

5. Cost and Return

Understanding costs and returns then becomes easy, but spending sufficient time on this particular part is just as important as the rest. Do some research and try to pin down the expenses you will have to make as well as what the project ROI on the strategy can be. You can use the Internet to collect related statistics and chalk out the numbers to get a good idea.

With time and new strategies, some of these elements may not change (like your audience, if you keep serving the same segments) but you have to be sure you go through these steps when you’re in the planning phase for any new strategy.

6 Things to Know While You Plan Your Marketing Strategy

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