7 Reasons Consulting Professionals Cannot Ignore Guest Writing

7 Reasons Consulting Professionals Cannot Ignore Guest Writing

Guest writing, more commonly known as guest blogging, is usually taken as a suspicious activity. I mention guest writing in a group of friends in the marketing business and at least one of them lets out a hissing sound like I just said I believe Bigfoot exists.

That guy continues to look sideways at me for the rest of the time we talk about guest writing.

I don’t understand this fear. I don’t appreciate it when people make a foul reputation for something so useful.

For my readers, who are freelance contractors of all kinds – life coaches, personal trainers, professional speakers (I’m proud of you fellas!), guest writing is a huge blessing.

Let me give you seven reasons why you simply can’t ignore guest writing.

1. Backlinks. Backlinks. Backlinks.

Backlinks are the links you get from websites where your content is published. You could submit a blog post, an article, or an opinion piece, and you’ll be allowed to link that post with a page of your choice (which is always either a social page or your website).

If you can get your content to publish on highly respected websites, you get big SEO points.

Not sure what that means? I talk about this critical idea in more detail here.

2. Make a Name

When you get published on other websites in your industry, it makes you come out as an expert. If it’s a big name in your field, and it’s willing to publish your ideas, what else will the readers call you?

Think about it. This alone should get you researching how guest writing is done.

3. Referral Traffic

So you go write on somebody else’s website that already has an audience and followers. What do you think happens if these readers like what you wrote?

They’ll follow your backlink and find your blog or website.

And here’s what you should think about: What if they like the rest of your content, too?

4. Double up the Spice

Just as getting your content to publish on other websites gets you new audience, why not let your readers see fresh content coming from other experts in your field?

This will allow new ideas and new voices to complement yours (and give you some breathing room).

5. Make Friends that Matter

This is a career affecting benefit of guest writing. With successful guest writing, especially when done both ways, you’re actually building relationships with other experts in your industry that can be mutually beneficial.

Get yourself out there and build those relationships.

6. Get that Credibility Badge

Yes. Go for it. Get it for your blog. And why not?

By letting in other experts to write on your website, you’re making your website look more credible. Over 66% people believe blogs with multiple authors have more credibility, according to this survey.

7. Know Your Audience Better

Last, but not the least, comes the benefit of learning more about your audience. You see, as long as you’re in the routine of publishing your own content on your blog, you get a routine response from your audience. Once you add other authors and voices, it gives you new information about how your audience reacts.

And that gives you more information about the people you want to sell to.

Guest writing is the best inbound marketing strategy you can start using today. It’s super effective for freelance professionals building their online brands.

Yes, that’s you. So, get to it.

7 Reasons Consulting Professionals Cannot Ignore Guest Writing

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