Need Blog Name Ideas? How to Name Your Blog in Minutes

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Are you struggling with blog name ideas? I know the feeling from my own experiences over the past 10 years.

I can’t tell you the number of times I had a great idea just to find it wasn’t available as a domain name.

A real party pooper when Godaddy says, “Not Available!”

When I first decided to start a blog, my first thought was what to call it.

I sat for days choosing a blog name.

In hindsight, I realized I was just procrastinating and the title of the blog has no relevance in your success.

What? I hear you saying.

Let me explain that how to name your blog is the least of your worries.

The most important is the actual content.

Let me share an example; I spent a lot of time searching the term how to choose a blog name.

I read a lot online. I chatted to friends and colleagues. I asked my neighbor and their kids. I even asked strangers in the supermarket check-out line.

I was eventually just plain confused.

I looked at many blogs already out there and saw a lot that had a specific title and then when I read the content it had nothing to do with the title.

I stopped doing research at that point and just began doing all the things I’m about to share.

By sharing my journey it can help you circumnavigate the hurdles of choosing a blog name and overcome the creative blocks that “blogged” me down : )

If, in some small way, this helps then please share this article with friends or colleagues stuck with naming their blogs too.

The Shocking Truth about How to Name a Blog

The truth is there are no original names out there.

If you’re writing about exercising and you do a quick online search you’ll discover that literally every possible combination of a URL for an exercise site has been taken.

Bummer, huh?

Wait! You found one available? And for how much…..$10,000.

Yes, these URL’s are owned by folks who buy and sell domains for a living; affectionately known as “domain squatters”.

Here’s an easy rule when you run across a squatter.

Don’t buy it.

The name you go with will have very little to do with the traction of your blog….

…because it all boils down to your content.

So where should you start?

You can brew up a few names in minutes with these brainstorming steps…

1. Start with Keywords

Create a list of all the words linked to your content of your blog inside a Word document.

Highlight each word and go to the thesaurus option on your keyboard – if you are using Windows to run your system just highlight the word and then press SHIFT + F7.

This will bring up a selection of alternative words for the word you highlighted.

If I highlight the word, “exercise”, the thesaurus will suggest; workout, bodybuilding, keeping fit.

2. Slanging It Up

Add a few “slang” words to your keyword list.

For instance, slang words for the word, “exercise”, could include bulking, cardio, sweating, pumping iron.

3. Personalize

Add your name to the mix, i.e. JaysExerciseHouse.

By adding your name to the mix you are able to come up with a host of possible name combinations.

4. Descriptiveness

This step is fun and you can let your creative side come out and play.

But first, let’s briefly review…

  1. You’ve compiled your blog’s keywords
  2. Found alternative words with similar meaning
  3. Came up with slang options

Did you have a giggle or two?

Great! Let’s have a bit more fun by finding words that are descriptive.

The example I am using is exercise.

So what words describe exercise? Hot, sweaty, strong and subtle, ripped or body sculpting, right?

Are you getting the idea?

5. Really Having Fun

You now have a pretty great selection of possible word combinations, but let’s take it one step further before choosing a blog name.

Try making up your own word combinations.

Staying in the spirit of “exercise”, we can combine “exercise” and “define”.

Exerefine or Exerfine

Another example is “chilling” and “relaxing”.


It’s more fun with a friend doing this with you. You spark each other’s creativity and have loads of laughs.

In fact, the world’s leading search engine name is actually a misspelling of a mathematical term – googol.

6. Winning Combinations

By now you should have a page filled with words; the actual words of what you do, slang words for what you do, made up words of what you do and descriptive words of what you do.

It’s now time to come up with a list of combinations.

Try to find at least ten possible combinations.

Once you have a few options of names for your blog use it to search online.

Is someone using it or something eerily close?

If you find nothing in a general search then visit NameCheap to see which extensions are available.

Which Extension Do I Choose?

There are many domain extensions including (dot) com, (dot) co, (dot) org, (dot) net, (dot) info, etc.

Which should you buy? Depends on availability.

My order of preference is…

  1. (dot) com
  2. (dot) net
  3. (dot) org
  4. (dot) co
  5. (dot) info

​FREE Blog Naming Worksheet

There’s no exact right or wrong way to go about it. The name of your blog is less important than the content.

What’s more important is that you don’t procrastinate so I’ve put together a Blog Naming Worksheet so you can quickly choose a blog name.

Don’t waste days like I did with naming a blog. In just an hour you can come up with enough blog name ideas to get going.

​Go ahead and get instant access now…

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