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How Do I Soft Launch a Course?

A successful soft launch is the best way to optimize your course for widespread release. It offers the opportunity to collect and implement feedback from students who discover and take the course themselves. This creates a stir in your course topic and helps you pre-sell your online course at a discounted rate to students who register before the start date.

Another reason why starting online courses before they start works so well is the validation process before your course goes to market. It’s a relief to know that you don’t have to create all the course content before you start. Imagine that after all the research and content creation, no one knows about your online course start.

When you’re ready to officially release the course be careful at this stage as the payment software can be error-friendly and may have problems. Test the system before you start selling your course with intention to collect payment.

After you’ve launched your course and your sales page is ready, you can send out your startup emails and activate your social media campaigns.