How to Overcome, “I’m Happy with My Lender!”

One of the hardest things to hear a realtor say is, “Sorry, but I’m happy with my lender.” Rejection is part of the business, and at one time or another, we are all going to hear those exact same words uttered. So, what can be done to overcome those feelings of rejection so we can get right back on the path toward success?

Avoiding Those Famous Last Words

Naturally, we want to avoid any objections from realtors as much as we can. Hearing that they are happy with their lender can be frustrating and sometimes it may even make us feel foolish.  While we don’t want the objection and we want to avoid feeling intimidated, incompetent, and rejected, there are ways we can use those famous last words to spur us forward and begin to build better relationships with Realtors.

Playing on the Same Team

Ultimately, we are on the same team as the Realtor, and we both want to make sure that each and every client is happy and satisfied with the service they receive.  If you approach the Realtor as if you are on the same team as them and show them that you are confident and have a way to help them, then there is a much higher chance that they will partner with you instead of uttering those dreaded words. They will find value in what you have to offer them, and you will be at the forefront of their thoughts. One of the biggest hurdles you can face as a loan officer is not getting enough of those referrals. Finding referral sources is one of the biggest ways you can increase your potential business opportunities and knowing this makes “I’m happy with my lender” sting just a bit more.  Luckily, there are ways to use your rejection to help you learn and grow in this very competitive industry. The following are a few things we can do to overcome hearing that the realtor we are trying to partner with is happy with their current lender.

Remain Diligent

To gain more referrals through real estate agents, you must be diligent. You must continuously follow up with the real estate agents you have recently touched base with and make sure that your name is at the top of that real estate agents mind.

Show Them What You Have to Offer

The best way to accomplish this is by being able to find a solution to a problem the real estate agent may be facing. You can also provide insight and information that may prove to be useful to them. The relationship between a loan officer and a Realtor can be mutually beneficial. It is your job as a loan officer to form this relationship and cultivate it so that you can succeed. Everyone always seems to have their own perspective as well, which can also make this relationship hard at times. If you need some more help gaining referrals or want to learn how to get a referral the first time you are meeting the Realtor, then head over to  You will find a unique approach to turn your struggles into a success, learn how to stop chasing the wrong Realtors, learn what failed strategies to avoid, and so much more.

Three Things Can Help

The following are a few simple strategies that can help when you are faced with the overwhelming problem of the realtor being happy with their current lender….

Brag About Objections

Before anyone can say anything about any objections you have had in the past, you need to be the one to brag about it first. It won’t bother you as much if you are the one saying it first. Go ahead and talk about how great that their in-house lender must be. You can’t let the objections you experience in your career be something that defines you.

Focus on Solving a Problem

Next, you want to focus on a problem the Realtor may be having so you can jump higher up on their radar. Perhaps they are faced with a problem, and you know that your knowledge and expertise can help them out. Use this to your advantage. You will also find that the bigger the problem, the better. Loan officers understand a variety of loan products as well as a number of other things a Realtor can find valuable at some point in their career. Your job is to make sure that you are on their radar. Having a good rapport is undeniably important for this and can help begin to build solid relationships on trust and reliability.

Always Avoid Confrontation

Finally, you should avoid confrontation whenever possible. It is never to your advantage to question the decision-making skills of the realtor you are trying to connect with or the realtor that has rejected you. It is human nature for people to think of themselves, and that is what the realtor will do. When faced with confrontation, they will undoubtedly think of themselves first and foremost. Instead of making it seem like you are questioning them, you should talk about others. See if there are any other agents they may know of that are looking for this kind of partnership. So, to overcome any objections you may face as a loan officer, remember the three things we have outlined above and don’t let one little rejection or even a few get under your skin. Learn from the experience and move forward in a positive direction.

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