The One Problem Every Personal Coach Confronts on the Web

The One Problem Every Personal Coach I’ve Worked with Faced on the Web

Personal coaching is a big industry.

There are business coaches, life coaches, dating coaches, executive coaches, sports coaches, and even those for dating and careers.

When you put all of these together, the industry has turned into a multi-billion dollar one. I can tell you it’s even bigger than the numbers research has reported for the simple reason that a lot of coaches are working without professional certifications or official recognition. A few I’ve worked with are making very handsome money but most of their income goes unreported.

As a professional coach you know how tough the job is. Whether you work at a designer gym for suburban housewives or guide people with their digital marketing problems (like I do), the job is tough.

Apparently, it’s got tougher in the digital realm. I, for one, long since realized the online arena is a blessing for us coaching professionals. I loved it, learned it, and put myself out there to get a bigger number of clients and bigger checks.

And then I learned not every coach I know liked the transition. In fact, all the coaches I’ve helped with online marketing problems told me about a number of problems they faced while moving their practice online.

There’s one, in particular, that every one of them had faced. Every single one of them.

So, we need to talk about it.

Media of Instruction

Every single coach I’ve helped with in recent years told me this. They didn’t know how to move their practice to the digital media.

Of course, they worked on learning about the social media, read those long blog posts with tips on which tools to use and how, and tried to record their training speeches and sessions on low quality videos for their new websites.

Of course, most of it didn’t work, and it made them hate the Internet.

The thing is everybody knows there are countless benefits to taking your coaching services online and so every coach I meet I find them thinking about moving to the Internet, if they haven’t already.

But it’s easier said than done.

When moving from the real-life services to a digital medium, you’re relying on technology to deliver your services to the client for you.

And this is where coaches lose control of what’s happening.

The things I see coaches struggle with include:

  • maintaining their website for flawless service
  • giving due time to the questions they receive on their social media pages
  • writing a good newsletter and growing their email lists

That’s just to name a few.

What these professionals don’t realize – or don’t want to – is the benefits of moving to the Internet outweigh the pains.

The move to the digital medium is a big one. It has completely altered how we coaches lived our professional lives. It’s allowed us access to more clients, to save time by reusing practice materials and talks, and to never let a client go just because they were moving away.

These are amazing advantages – ones we thought we could never have in the good old times. And now we have them!

The way for you to help yourself in these times is to learn to adapt, and if you need a bit of guidance with that, well, go ahead and get it. Hire a digital marketing coach and get your practice going.

What are you waiting for?

The One Problem Every Personal Coach I’ve Worked with Faced on the Web

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