A Random List of Super Important Facebook Ads Tips

A Random List of Super Important Facebook Ads Tips

Facebook Ads is a great social advertising platform. People are using it to their advantages for the past few years.

While I’ve written here, here, and here about Facebook advertising already, this random list consists of a few other ideas I wanted to share with you for a while.

So, here we go.

1. You Made Your Business Page in the Right Category, Right?

Often, when bloggers decide to use Facebook for their services, they read up on a few how-to blog posts, and click on the create-a-page button unsure in their head if they’re doing it right, the confusion leads them to pick the wrong category for their page.

Some end up making this mistake because they don’t think these settings matter much.

I want you to know that categories matter, and make sure to complete as many fields as possible in the “About” section of your page.

2. Make a Clear Objective for Every Campaign

At least, in your mind. Now, use that objective to look for the most suitable option available in Facebook’s form for customizing your ad campaign.

You can’t risk being obscure with your campaign objectives. If you do that, I can guarantee you’ll end up doing something wrong and that will show in the overall results of the campaign.

3. Make Sure You’re Rotating Your Ads

An important thing to remember about online advertising is ad fatigue.

If you’ve been seeing the same ole ad on your News Feed every time you logged in for the past week, I’m pretty sure it’s the one ad you’re tired of by now.

Don’t make your ad be that ad.

If people stop feeling intrigued, they’ll stop giving you CTR (click through rate), which is crucial both in the short-term and long.

4. Don’t Take Stick-to-Your-Niche Advice Too Seriously

When you’re customizing your campaign settings for audience, sticking only to your specific niche might not get you actionable insights.

For example, if you’re a personal coach, don’t limit your audience interests to ‘personal coaching’. Try and add other relevant keywords with your main interest, such as ‘life coaching’ and ‘fitness coaching’.

Those whom your services won’t suit will get filtered out on their own later, but do not risk losing prospects by being too stringent with filters.

5. Get S.M.A.R.T.

Remember to use the SMART principle when you’re working on your advertising goals (on and off Facebook).

It’s just something that will keep your enthusiasm in check and make you use practical goals for your ads that can be measured properly.

6. No Need to Avoid Your Failures. Log Reports.

That’s why the tool’s there. Or here. It’s a link to your Ads Manager.

Once you’re there, navigate to ‘Reports’ and click on it.

When Facebook shows the data of your past 4 weeks’ shenanigans with advertising, customize the settings to fit your preferences and then download the report to your computer (and maybe print it out for some pondering later).

If you were smart enough to read through these tips, you know you did the right thing.

If you have any random tips about Facebook Ads you think my readers could use, because it’s a world that’s always changing, share them in the comments section below : )


A Random List of Super Important Facebook Ads Tips

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