Wednesday, April 8th

11:00 am (CDT)

How to Add Up to 33 Purchase Transactions Annually from an Overlooked Referral Source

You could be tapping into financially savvy clients with documented assets, documented income and higher than average credit scores adding up to 33 purchase transactions annually from each referral partner.

Imagine going from low quality rate shoppers to a steady stream of A paper with higher loan amounts and less underwriting hassle.

Would you rather buy leads from the Internet, chase Realtors begging for a chance or have someone highly respected by their client recommending your service?

It's why I've invited special guest, Brian Bulger, a loan officer with nearly three decades of experience, to share his story on how he generated between $3 to $4 million last year from this overlooked referral source.

(...and we're not talking about Realtors)

The most overlooked opportunity you're missing in 2020....

This webinar is for loan officers who...

...dread low quality rate shoppers

...want high volume of A paper referrals

...don't want to chase Realtors

Save your spot today and listen to Brian discuss how he taps into this referral source and develops strategic alliances the bring high quality referrals month after month.

About Your Host

Jeffrey Nelson is a marketing specialist who helps real estate and mortgage professionals grow their personal brands, expand word-of-mouth marketing and attract more referrals.

After a successful career as a field sales trainer, Jeffrey now helps real estate agents and loan officers implement a formalized referral process so they stop wasting money on advertising and buying leads.

About Your Guest

Brian has been in the mortgage industry for almost three decades and serves as a Loan Originator at PrimeLending.

His goal is to make sure his clients have a WOW! Experience and to make his referral partners look good.

Originally from Chicago, he received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Kansas. His strong suit is customer service.

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