How to Set Up a Facebook Lead Ads Campaign

How to Set Up a Facebook Lead Ads Campaign

How to Set Up a Facebook Lead Ads Campaign

Inbound marketing remains the biggest bucket of marketing ROI. It’s an evergreen part of marketing because it focuses on making sure the company’s offerings stay relevant and really help the audience.

In the digital age, lead generation has become an easier exercise.

I expected Facebook to take this step a few years back after Twitter started a similar service called Lead Cards, but the social networking platform only included proper lead generation in its arsenal when it launched Lead Ads in late 2015.

And I’m here today to show you how to set up Lead Ads to work for you with this step-by-step guide, but, before I do that, let me show you why Facebook Lead Ads can help you generate real leads for your blog, digital product or service.

Benefits of Lead Ads

While no real data is available to prove Lead Ads actually generates a higher CTR (click-thru-rate) than ads that take to landing pages, it’s obvious Lead Ads can benefit because:

  1. Convenience: It lets users fill out forms with only a handful of clicks.
  2. Quality: Since forms load with user’s contact information, you get error-free info.
  3. Variety: Users can ask for a variety of things: prices, news, demos, special offers, etc.
  4. Detail: It allows you to customize the form with fields of your choice for more detail.

These benefits lead to a number of advantages.

For example, if you integrate Lead Ads campaign with your CRM, I’m sure it will save you tons of time and produce an even better experience for your visitors.

Now, let’s get down to the setting up process.

Step #1: Create New Campaign

Start with creating a new campaign and select Lead Generation among the listed options in campaign Objective query.

Step #2: Build Your Campaign

There’s no need to add those details here. I talked in detail about what information is required before you set up any Facebook ad campaign (see that checklist).

Step #3: Build the Form

Create a new lead advert form and customize it to fit your objective of lead generation.

Facebook will allow you to add up to three new questions to the form apart from the participants’ email address and full name.

Choose wisely.

Step #4: Add Disclaimer

Don’t forget to do that.

Also, make sure your form is linked on to your privacy policy and then add the destination URL.

Step #5: Add Presentation Details

Add customized details to make your ad look unique.

You’ll be able to add a headline, benefit text, and even customize your button text.

Step #6: Add Context Card

A lot of people skip this option, but it can add great value.

A context card is an additional page in your form that the person clicking on your ad will see.

The context card contains an image and some description of your product service.

If you’re in the training or coaching industry, I strongly advise you to add a context card to your form because there you can introduce your products and services with your USP.

Step #7: Preview and Publish

You’re done with the customization.

Preview your ad and proofread your content before you create your ad.

That should get you going with Facebook’s Lead Ads.

Break a leg!

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How to Set Up a Facebook Lead Ads Campaign

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