What is a Blog and How Can You Make Money Blogging?

What is a blog and how can you make money blogging?

What is a blog and how can you make money blogging?

What is a blog and how can you make money blogging?

Are you thinking about blogging because you’ve heard frequently that a blogger can earn a fair amount of money by just spending a few hours on a weekly basis?

Would you like to give it a try, but aren’t sure where to start?

It’s why I ​created this post to discuss what is blogging and how you can earn from it : )

I started my first blog in 2005 and haven’t looked back since because it’s afforded me an annual six figure income.

Frankly speaking, everybody loves to earn money, and the truth is, people have made a lot of it with the help of blogging.

If you can make money with minimal effort than why not give it a shot?

I’ll discuss with you some of the tools ​you can use to create your blog and start making money.

I did the same and it has worked well for me.

What is a Blog?


By definition it’s a regularly updated web page, sounds ​simple right?

A more straightforward way to understand a blog is by reading this post.

You can see that it contains a load of written content. A blog is basically the written content on a website available to you in the form of posts.

It can be part of a website and people can even refer to their websites as blogs.

At the moment you are browsing my website to which I refer to as a blog. It’s that simple. If you are still with me then your next question will be…

How is a Website Different from a Blog?

There are three different kinds of websites:

  • A website that is a blog itself.
  • A website that has a separate blog.
  • A site that doesn’t work as a blog and is just a plain old website with fancy things.

Let’s look into each one of them.

1. A website that is a blog itself

The best example of such a type is the one that you are reading at the moment.

This is my website that functions as a blog because I regularly create blog posts such as this to sort out the issues that people might have.

You will find tons of written content on it, and that’s why it is a blog.  Buzzfeed and Huffington Post are best examples.

2.A website that has a separate blog

This type is the primary reason why people get confused trying to differentiate between blogs and websites.

A website that runs a separate blog, but its primary content is not present on the blog is the simplest explanation that you will find. ​ Good example is The Dog Training Secret

3.A website that has nothing to do with a blog

These sites function as standalone websites that have nothing to do with any of the ample amount of written content that you can read all day.

Most of the social media platforms and retailer websites fall into this category like Facebook and YouTube.

These sites can add a blog whenever they want; however, they are only functioning as standalone sites.

Why Should You Create a Blog?


The best part about blogging is you can do it whenever you want, wherever you want.

You just require your laptop and a reliable internet connection of course.

You get more time to do other things, like spending time with your friends and family, studying, or other extra-curricular activities.

The possibilities are endless because you won’t have to spend half of your day at a “9-5” job and end up tired and fatigued when you return home.

Blogging Benefits

Maintaining your blog on a regular basis is where many bloggers fail.

Most people start a blog and then just leave it at the halfway point.

If you wanna make money you can’t be afraid of the big “C”

…..commitment : p

Blogging has many benefits, but these are some of my favs:

  • Blogs that are frequently updated attract more web traffic from search engines
  • Your blog can play the role of your portfolio regardless of the type of work you do. Whether you are a thought leader, a writer, or even a business owner, with a blog you will be able to showcase all your expertise in one place which is accessible to everyone.
  • Your blog will update your audience regarding your expertise or your business.
  • You can earn money from blogging, even more than your j-o-b, unless you’re a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills…just sayin’

A blog is the best source of information to provide answers to questions your readers are asking online.

​You can earn money from blogging, even more than your j-o-b, unless you’re a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills…just sayin’

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What Content Should You Write on a Blog?

What should your blog be about?

The answer is “anything” that you believe will create value for your readers.

Most people think blogging is just about writing your thoughts as you do in your personal diary or journal, but that is not the case.

You can blog about anything including a product that you bought and loved, any updates on a company that you work at or want to work at, or a workout that you have been doing for weight loss and wanted to share it with others.

You can write about anything you desire, but be sure to create value with it.

You can also use your blog in a way to meet others.

How Can You Make Money?


Let’s get to the business part and discuss how you can make money from your blog.

You can make a good living from it. That’s what you heard from people, and it’s true.

Imagine earning an extra $200 per month, which you can use to buy gas, groceries, etc.

You can earn much more too. People who write about their expertise can earn thousands monthly.

Most people are confused about techniques they can use to earn money so it separates the successful ones from the unsuccessful.

In the past, most people thought that selling affiliated links with sponsored ads was the solution to get rich from blogging. Well, that hasn’t worked well.

Running too many ads on the sidebars will dilute your own brand. People will think that you are just running your blog to earn money and could care less about their queries.

Aside from that, running sponsored ads is a lot of work. Even if you earned a thousand bucks a month, you would have to put in a lot of effort into it which is not worth it.

To be a good blogger you have to change your mindset and start thinking out of the box. Running sponsored ads to earn money from blogging is not the only way to generate an income stream.

Your blog is a marketing hub for your brand and it serves to be the best platform to launch any product or service and to provide information on various issues.

My most useful source of income has been my online courses, which are just an extension of my blog so it’s why creating an online course is an easy way to make money (and a lot of it).

Make Money with an Online Course

If you want to make a good amount of money from your blog you want to offer an online course, which is a digital product.

Not only will you generate more money, but you can start selling immediately even with a small blog viewership.

Take the next step and download my free report to understand how you can create an online course and make money online….

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What is a blog and how can you make money blogging?

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